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Are You ready to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

By Octavia Drughi  Each year, around 25,000 people travel to Tanzania in the hope of reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is on top of many adventure seekers’ bucket-list. Is it on yours as well? The symmetrical snow-capped volcanic cone is synonymous with Africa and is all about superlatives – the world’s largest freestanding mountain rises in perfect isolation …

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My experience with Ayahuasca

  Colombia, located next to Peru and Brazil. It’s a country that is part of the biggest rainforest of the world, the amazon. In the amazon all plants and animals are different and much bigger than everywhere else. Did you also know that the Amazon has the most variety of plants and species of all forests and jungles? That could …

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Every new year is a new chance to live every single moment

It’s been a long time ago, I have been writing something here on this blog. Honestly I am struggling with the idea what to do and where to go. Actually it is like always. Haha! But I want to continue. One of my goals for next year . This year has been amazing. I met wonderful places, like on Bali …

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Join Our Unicorn Superhero Camp in Costa Rica, November 2015

We believe that each one of us has a unique super power. And now it`s time to find and use it.   I am happy to announce my yoga and coaching retreat in Costa Rica this fall. Together with a beautiful and very talented life coach, Elizabeth Webb from New York, we offer a 6 nights/7 days powerful retreat in …

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Swim from Gili Air to Lombok

View on Lombok from Gili Air

Currently I have an ear infection from swimming in pool in Ubud. I am staying for one month with my friend Helene from Germany in Ubud on Bali. But his weekend we went off to the Gili islands, for a festival called Burning island festival. I also wanted to use the chance and go diving, but my ear infection, which …

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RAHAJENG HARI NYEPI – Bali’s Day Of Silence

21. March 2015: New Year in Bali. Today in Bali is NYEPI. The day of silence. Everything is closed. Nobody – even the tourists – are not allowed to go out on the streets, travel, work or hear loud music and turn the lights on. The Balinese celebrate there new year (Isakawarsa) every year in March. This holiday is a special Balinese celebration, decided by …

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Traveling by bus in Panama

Travelling by bus in Panama is quite easy. There are buses going to almost all areas an places. The main bus stations are Panama City and David. from there leaving minimum every hour buses to all areas. For example: Bus from Panama City to Bocas del Toro: There is a bus from Albrook bus station in Panama City, which takes …

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10 things you should know before you travel to India

A lot of people asked me questions about traveling in India. And there are a few things, which are good to know before you start your trip through India. That brought me to summarized my top 10 advises, I can give you from my own experiences: 

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